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Oh shit, y’all!  Rebecca Seung lured me in by pretending to “appreciate” the blog, then just up and turned on me.  Look, Rebecca Seung, here’s the thing: if you think this blog is about having good grammar at all times, you’re missing the fucking point.  This blog is about all the shitty writing on Get Bent.  I only point out grammar mistakes when they’re egregious: “its” vs “it’s,” basic subject-verb agreement.  Honestly, grammar is the least of Get Bent’s numerous problems.

I don’t know why you put “real blog” in quotation marks, “”Rebecca Seung.””  Who said anything about a blog?  All I’m saying is that I’m associated with and contribute to some larger thing, completely separate from my hate blog, and I do not want that thing to be looked down upon by people who hate this thing.  If it were just me, fine, but it’s not.  I’m really not even that anonymous though.  I’ve told like 20 people that I write this blog, and I didn’t tell them to keep it a secret or anything, so if you really wanted to find out my identity, I’m sure it wouldn’t be all that hard.  I’m just choosing not to put my name on this blog, for now.  I don’t know what Pitchfork has to do with anything?!  OK, here’s a hint as to who I am: I do not write for Pitchfork.

Lastly, I cannot get over the idea that anyone honestly believes that my problem with Get Bent is that they “don’t take [them]selves too seriously.”  YES THAT IS MY PROBLEM, GET BENT IS NOT SERIOUS ENOUGH, THAT IS WHY I HAVE STARTED THIS ULTRA-SERIOUS BLOG!


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